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Use Action: NONE
Use This Output As Input

Change Case

Convert To UPPER case
Convert To lower case
Convert To Camel case

Letters and Words

Split Per Line
Separate By Comma
Get Length, # Lines, # Words


Shuffle A List Of Lines
Shuffle Characters Per Line

Generate As Input

Generate Numbers
Generate Random Numbers

Clean Up

Trim Each Line
Remove Empty Lines
Remove Whitespace
Remove Duplicates from List


Pad By Zeroes 0001234
Pad By Space _ _ 1234


Sort Lines As Numbers
Sort Lines As Text


Digit Grouping 9999 -> 9,999
Format Number To 9,999.00
Round Number (999.99 -> 1000)
Compute Max, Min, Average, Sum

Numbers CleanUp

Remove Comma 1,111 > 1111
Remove Decimal 111.11 > 111

Welcome To TextUtils.COM

Here is a compilation of all the string manipulation that I have used so far. Please take note that I do not guarantee the correctness of the output. If you do so notice any correction or any suggestions, please send me an email.